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Health Empowerment Series Executive Coaching

The very best of human-beingness!

Creating a Connected Team

HES believes in connection and community in all areas of life. 

If one of us is down, we are all down!

This is the fundamental difference in building a true team environment and having people show up for work.

Our LES program can assess and design full functioning cross functional teams that hold space for joy.

A connected team invites everyone and everything as an ally to create win for all solutions. This is a truly connected work space. 

If you are invested in your team, Invest in your team! Emotional Literacy and Intelligence has a very special place in today's workspace. It will affect every deliverable you create. 

Connect, Collaborate and Create!

The Health Empowerment Series in addition to teaching MBSR to children as prevention to negative mental health outcomes, provides Executive Coaching Experiences. With our backgrounds in neuroscience, public health and behavioral science we lend our hands to the human side of leadership.

Our expansive mentorship program is a creative reminder of how mindful business-ship and total truth will provide peaceful positive work groups and capture goal setting in a whole new experience.

We offer one on one training as well as total group packages. We can provide a safe space to explore business styles and self-awareness tools that you may not have been able to reach before.  Understanding your why and how you can share that with others, is the basis for beautiful beginnings or deeper development into mindful leadership to encourage human beingness at it’s finest.

Sample Course Work: Total Truth Brings Transformation

Building Trust from the top down (Doing the Work)

Doing what you say you will: Consistency, Dependability, Accountability

Being Authentic, Human and Empathetic in a professional setting

Supporting your team members how they need support, not how you support people

Finding the balance of results with consideration (Preventing Burnout)

Fine tuning your word track to meet your action track

Leadership Enteprise Services: Get Involved
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