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Elementary Classroom

Our Bright Future

The Focus of Our Efforts

Making a Difference

Through our Parent, Student and Teachers Support Services, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community. Backed by neuroscience, our program is reaching the student population with a lasting impression. It's a needed change for our youth population and a significant improvement in youth mental health. 

We can reach 500 students for every one Mindful Liaison! With additional funding, we can recruit, train and deploy more ML's to schools, increasing our impact and helping more students.

We have 100 percent engagement and participation from the students and the feedback has been more than positive and rewarding. To see the smiling faces and the kids shout in joy when we arrive is so special and makes every day worth it. 

"Wow" , The difference in my classroom is magical" 3rd grade teacher

Doing What’s Needed

By offering no cost small group classes and education sessions to the community, we can begin to change the narrative and create connection in human kindness as a skill-set. 

We offer:

1 Mindful Liaison per 500 students at a public or private school
1:1 Talk It Out Services

Conflict Resolutions for families
Small Group Classes
In School Student Services
Educational Materials and Website Access
Teacher Training
Community Mindfulness Sessions

Programs: Programs
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