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The Whole Student Experience

Emotional Literacy & Beyond

1 on 1 time with our students gives them, the unique opportunity to explore their difficult emotions without judgement and over guidance. We use mindful exercises to begin a session and invite the student to breathe. We offer them a card book illustrating common emotions and ask them to choose.

Using our mobile toolkit materials, we explore the emotions until they feel safe and manageable by using games and talking cards. The students love this time and it always ends with happy faces! This is our Happy Faces Safe Spaces protocol.

The Whole Student Experience: What We Do

Our Projects

The Focus of Our Efforts

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K-12 Programs Available

Fun and Engaging Age Appropriate Content to explore and normalize feeling talk!

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Growing Each Year

By third and fourth grade, our students are ready to start full program emotional literacy and accountability lessons. Self esteem building is critical at this age and stage of development.

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High School Success Program

An age that can readily explore and expand upon their emotional literacy gained throughout their "Whole Student Experience". We offer full spectrum MBSR, CBT, DBT and other mental health services that students at this age often need.

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Support Metrics

We completed a five week data study in a public school thrid grade classroom and the results were expectedly positive! We measured seven areas of emotional literacy and growth and had improvements accross the board. The teacher reported, "an overall uptick in kindness and classroom calmness". The kids were highly engaged and excited to participate each day.

The Whole Student Experience: Programs
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